Investments in the gold field

Gold extraction

Investments in the gold field :

The Investments in the gold field have always been considered a safe haven as a precious metal, regardless of financial speculation or the performance of the Futures and ETFs that have influenced its value on global stock exchanges.

Balkan Europe Business spa assists you in gold investment for the mining industry.

Our company assists you in the purchase of assets based on the Aurifera extraction business with the possibility of accessing a sector usually reserved for large investors.

The approach that the Balkan Europe Business spa set up with the company GMT Incorporation has now made it accessible even to small investors access to this type of business, starting from tres of only $ 250.

The contracts, written in English, Russian or Italian, will give you the opportunity to easily access the new Business. Moreover, the absence of a predefined time obligation allows the customer maximum operational freedom, receding with absolutely non-coercive conditions and maturing monthly extraction profits with an extremely interesting Break Even Point.

How to buy the gold asset

Conducting Gold investing with Balkan Europe Business spa further allows extraction income to acquire a number of financial assets for future listing on the Moscow Stock Exchange in 2021:

The investment can be made in:

1. International bank transfer for 100% of the value.

2. International bank transfer for 75% of the value in fiat and for 25% in ONE COIN.

3. International bank transfer for 75% of the value in fiat and 25% in BITCOIN.

the value of the ASSETS available are as follows:

$ 250.00 with 42 Assets

$ 1,500.00 with 333 Assets

$ 4,500.00 with 1286 Assets

$ 10,000.00 WITH 3000 Assets

$ 15,000.00 WITH 4615 Assets

$ 50,000.00 WITH 16.667 Assets

investimenti in campo aurifero
What does it mean to own an Auroral Asset

In investing in the gold sector, owning an Asset is equivalent to owning a Securities of a Company, which has prepared its path to be listed on the Stock Exchange.

Once it enters any World Exchange, the security becomes an asset, and acquires a value proportional to the economic and financial valuation attributed to the company issuing the security.

The GMT Business Plan has been planned so that the profit deriving from the purchase of your asset for the three-year period 2018/2019/2020, will be recognized monthly for 50% of the total profits deriving from the gold mining of its deposits.

The remaining 50% is allocated as an asset value for the revaluation of assets in anticipation of entry on the Moscow Stock Exchange, with a value attributable to an axis equal to the dollar value of one gram of gold multiplied by each asset / security held.

investimenti in campo aurifero
Short and medium term forecasts on the value of gold

Investments in the gold sector, regardless of the chosen sector (mining, ingots, stock exchange, etc.) are linked to the yellow metal price.

Gold rose 1.2% from January 2018, driven by the risk-off market scenario, which brought it up to a maximum of $ 1,368 per ounce, after rising 12.5% ​​in 2017 Here are the analysts’ estimates on the price trend in the coming months, considering that to date, in August 2018, the value of gold stands at:

value per ounce – € 1,212.98 / € 1,037.36

value per gram – € 39.00 / € 33.35

So, making investments in the gold field is a profitable business?

Regardless of the opinion of our company, we attach the thoughts of professionals with a qualified knowledge of the market.

1) Bank of America-Merrill Lynch. The increase in US rates and the strengthening of the dollar are two aspects that will weigh negatively on the quotation of the yellow metal, but the geopolitical tensions act in the opposite direction. The 2018 and 2019 gold price estimates are 1,326 and 1,300 dollars an ounce respectively. On the other hand, silver is 17.41 and 17.11 dollars an ounce.

2) Ubs. The price of gold has so far posted a better performance than expected. The weakness of the dollar is a positive factor, as is the perception of increased risks on the market, but the macroeconomic scenario has not changed so consistently that it can sustain a lasting upward movement of the precious metal. The rating remains neutral on this asset class. The 2018 forecast of UBS specialists is an average listing of $ 1,285 an ounce.

3) Columbia Threadneedle Investments. In the medium term, the prices of precious metals are expected to rise. According to forecasts, gold will benefit from the increase in inflation, as well as being subject to increasing purchases to cover events that have caused a correction in the equity markets.

4) VanEck. According to Joe Foster, portfolio manager of VanEck, in the long run gold prices will rise, due to the state of the economic cycle, the financial risks and the impact of the monetary tightening on production on a world scale, compared to of an application that will remain stable or increase.

investimenti in campo aurifero

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Balkan Europe SPA offers a complete service for every type of company from 0 to a company ready to be top on the market!


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Frequently asked questions


Is your proposal on the investment in the gold sector on the final product or on the extraction of the same?

The investment is related to the extraction capacity of the plant and your profit is proportional to the amount of the purchased axis.


How long can I collect the proceeds from my purchase?

With monthly frequency starting from 60 days.


Can I purchase my invested capital?

It is impossible to extract capital from the proceeds of extraction if the company that owns the mine should fail.


Can I earn from promoting my purchase?

By making a network you can acquire an additional 5% – 10% of the amount brought from your network.


How long can I make money from the network?


How can I make my purchase (in which way and with what currency can I make the purchase?

It is possible to buy in Euros, Dollars, Bitcoin and One Coin.


How can I collect my proceeds?

It is possible to pay by bank transfer in euro or via bitcoin wallet.


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