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Rental of Mining and proof of stake Rental of miningProof of stake


Mining is the method used by the bitcoin system and cryptocurrencies to produce value.

The bitcoin network stores transactions within data structures called “blocks”.

In order for a block to be added to the block chain, which is the huge public database containing all bitcoin transactions, it is necessary for a processor to “close” it by finding a particular code, which can only be discovered through long-standing algorithmic calculations.

This operation crystallizes the block, preventing any future changes, and whoever finds this code is rewarded with a certain amount of bitcoins (initially, in 2009, the reward was 50 BITCOIN, then it gradually fell to 25 to currently reach 12.5 and by the end 2019 the reward will drop to 6.25 BITCOIN – AS EVERY PRECIOUS METAL,  LOWER IS THE QUANTITY, GREATER IS THE VALUE).

 We will add all the transaction fees that he entered in the block to the production value, as an incentive to the “donation” of machine time to the cause of bitcoin. This operation is called in mining jargon, a name that derives from the bitcoin-gold parallelism, in which the reciprocal consists of the miners who strenuously seek the gold nuggets in the rock.


The PROFIT deriving from Mining is fundamentally coded by two elements, independently from the hire of mining, or from direct mining:

Considering the high purchase and maintenance costs of the machinery used in the Mining process, Balkan Europe Business has opted to hire mining as a service for its customers. The difficulty of calculating the Blockchain has increased dramatically due to the enormous increase in the number of mainers that have appeared in this field in recent years.

The huge growth peak recorded by Bitcoin in 2017 (from $ 800 in January 2017 to $ 19,600 in December 2017) had nevertheless maintained very high earnings from Mining (the peak was in December 2017 with + 302% the year for the rental of the Mining and a + 600% a year for the direct mining).

The rental of mining proved itself to be a wise choice in the 2016-2017 two-year period, bringing huge profits and excluding the customer from the responsibilities and technical knowledge related to the ownership of the machinery used to undermine.

For normal market rules, the 2017 value growth, caused exclusively by a very strong speculation of financial forces not interested in Blockchain technology but exclusively in the achievement of enormous profits in the short term, induced in the following year a normal retracement of the value of the bitcoins settled at $ 5,800 in June 2018, rising to $ 7,000 in August 2018.

For many Miners, therefore, the production value limit has been reached, which is the level within which producing a bitcoin costs more than the value attributed to it. This meant that all manufacturers possessing the most obsolete technologies or those producing in states where the cost of energy was higher would definitely shut down the machines.

This has caused the difficulty level to slow down its growth, moreover the appearance of new extremely technological machines by the end of 2018 will allow to produce bitcoins at an energy cost lower than 50% with much faster calculation times and efficient.

Furthermore, the strong regularization imposed on the markets by the world institutions and the entry of cryptocurrencies into the assets of the big Finance (Futures and short-term we will see the issue of ETFs – Guarantee Funds) will in our opinion have a dubious effect:

Although it will be unlikely to see an annual growth of 1000%, we believe that a lower production cost for Miners will generate a greater profit margin that multiplied by a bitcoin value expected to grow strongly in the two-year period 2019/2020, will allow this type of Business to become interesting and profitable again.

For these reasons, regardless of the retracement of the bitcoin value we had in the year 2018, we are still optimistic about the business deriving from the rental of Mining.

Balkan Europe Business spa operates with a German company, which has its mining farms in Norway and Iceland, where geothermal and hydroelectric energy production guarantee access to electricity supply at an extremely low cost to the full advantage of profits generated.

The supply of renewable energy at an affordable price is together with the applied technology the essential element to produce the maximum profit from the hire of mining.

PROOF OF STAKE cryptocurrency:

Proof-of-stake (PoS) (vaguely translatable into Italian as, “proof that we have a stake)” is the name of a method for securing a cryptocurrency network and for obtaining a consensus distributed . It is based on the principle that each user is required to demonstrate possession of a certain amount of cryptocurrency.

It differs from proof-of-work systems that are based on hash algorithms that validate electronic transactions. Peercoin was the first cryptocurrency to use the Proof-of-Stake system since its launch.

Other known implementations of the PoS are BitShares, Nxt, BlackCoin and Cardano

our company allows you to practice in Proof of Stake in Blocks of 2 million and 200 thousand Linda Coin and to buy the new linda Coin X of imminent output after ICO.

The advantage of Proof of Stakes compared to Proof of work (Mining) is that the number of COIN purchased with the capital employed is returned when the customer decides to withdraw from the contract, contrary to the mining in which the lease from right to profit “Life Time” but the breack even point is reached with the return of the capital employed.


The Balkan Europe Business spa company sells BITCOIN to its customers, giving the possibility to all companies that wish to purchase and enter this digital gold in the balance sheet to contract the purchase.

The tax advantages are innumerable:

First of all, liabilities can be created by keeping the currency in digital wallet in order to immediately deduct the purchase, deciding to monetize the crypt in fiat exclusively according to the company balance, limiting the tax burden on profits.

This economic principle is extremely effective if we consider the levels of direct taxation applied to revenues:

Consider a tax rate of 28% and imagine buying bitcoins for 10,000.00 euros.

The purchase of the contractual and invoiced bitcoin entails a cost and, as such, reduces the taxable profit margin until it is converted into fiat.

This simple principle entails a saving on taxation applied to revenues up to a possible devaluation of 28% of the value of the cryptocurrency without considering the possibilities of increase applied to your cryptocurrency through the Proof of Stake, trading, mining or mining lease process.

At the same time, the fiat amount used for the purchase of the bitcoin is deposited in cryptocurrency on your digital wallet and as such is not taxable.

Considering the volatility of bitcoin, the developments of 2018 show that institutional investors and the masses (especially the younger generations) will be interested, in the near future, in the purchase or use of bitcoin.

The offer proposed by the Balkan Europe Business allows you to choose between the rental of the Mining, the proof of stake and the medium-long term purchase.

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Frequently asked questions


What services do you offer?

Purchase, storage, lease of Mining and proof Of Stake and consultancy and training courses?


Is operating in cryptocurrencies risky?

There are medium to high risk investments.


Can they give good profit margins?

Currently our company has consented to our customers to reach the maximum peak of 302% during the year 2017


Is it possible to lose Totally the invested capital?

Although until now our company has never mediated transactions that would have led to the total loss of capital, as in any high-risk asset, there are transactions that can lead to the total loss of capital.


Is it a growing sector?

In our opinion, do Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have substantial margins of growth and increase in value over the next 10 years?


Are all cryptocurrencies good?

Absolutely NOT, indeed the majority of the over 1600 existing cryptocurrencies have no future.


Do you treat ICOs?

No for company policy so far we have decided not to broker ICO transactions.


Is it possible to access a credit by guaranteeing my cryptocurrencies without selling them?

Is our company able to make you entrust a credit equal to the value in fiat of the value of the crypto assessed at the time of the assignment?


How much does this expectation cost?

It starts from a minimum of 4% up to a maximum of 8% on the value credited in fiat plus our commissions.


How much do the Balkan commissions cost?

They start from a 5% of the value in fiat assigned up to a maximum of 7% of the equivalent value in fiat credited.


When I have fully repaid my credit do I get my credit back?

To the balance of the entire repayment of the debt plus the established interests, your crypto are entirely returned IN THE NUMBER of those originally granted as a guarantee.


How soon do I see the proceeds of my investment?

It depends on the type of purchase, it can be immediately up to over 12 months.


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